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We are PT Citra Sarana Media, a leading company
specialized in clean air system solution and air audit.

Since the establishment in 2002, we are now the authorized distributor for ORION Machinery Co. Ltd., whose products range from air dryers, filters, accessories and also equipment-based water chillers.

We have installed many Orion dryers and filters combined with Hitachi air compressors to more than 500 companies in a wide range of industries including electronics, automotive, petrochemical, textile, food and beverage and others.

We have also broadened our products with other related products such as non-refrigerant air dryers, nitrogen and oxygen generators, and air audit instruments to name a few.

With sufficient unit and part stocks, well-trained and dedicated service support team, we are able to provide full support through maintenance contract or flexible on-demand services.

Our Products

Advanced Technology for All Your Needs

We offer a wide range of products which enable customers to get supply of clean air using less energy based on ISO 8573-1 class. Depending on the allowable particle, water content and oil content, we can design suitable configuration to meet your requirements, whether it is for standard pneumatic application, painting, pharmaceutical/medical and food industry, or semiconductor. All of our products are well known for energy saving, environmentally friendly by producing low energy, low pressure loss, and easy maintenance dryers.

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Do you know that compressor converts 90% of the electrical power into heat, and only 10% into compressed air. This makes compressed air actually 10 times more costly than electricity. That’s why we have solutions that focused more on the air consumpsion rather than the electricity, by utilizing wide range of products which using less energy based on ISO 8573-1 class.

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