Air Compressors

In 2017 PT. Citra Sarana Media was appointed Distributor for MARK air compressor in Indonesia.

As a compressor manufacturer, MARK was established in 1970 in Italy, with production facilities in Italy, Belgium and China. Since then it has gained worldwide reputation in the industry especially in European market even before Atlas Copco aquired the company in 1998. MARK compressors has been known for making compressor with SIMPLICITY and RELIABILITY concepts in mind, as well as quality, easy maintenance and safety.

For Indonesia market we will promote only Oil Injected Screw Air Compressor 7.5-75kw range, as well as complete range of Refrigerated Dryers before we start to widen our compressor range in the near future. Our 25 years experience in the compressor industry will guarantee our customers’ peace of mind in terms of after sales support and services.