Refrigerant Air Dryers

PT Citra Sarana Media is the authorized distributor for ORION Machinery Co. Ltd.

ORION Machinery Co. Ltd. is a company established in Japan in 1946 who is now the biggest Clean Air System Product Manufacturer in Japan.

Orion is the first Japanese air dryer manufacturer with its first dryer product launched in 1970. Orion RAX and ARX Refrigerant Air Dryer products capacity range from as low as 0.3 m3/min to 300 m3/min air flow which can produce 5-15C PDP (pressure dew point) air output.

Orion air dryers are famous for their energy saving, environmentally conscious products, by producing low energy, low pressure loss, and easy maintenance dryers. Orion also offer Heatless Air Dryers QSQ series, and wide range of Air Filters and its accessories such as auto drain, separators, aftercoolers, and also Air Cooling Temperature and Humidity Control Unit.